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S.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title and Ref.No./Tender ID Organisation Chain
1. 20-May-2022 09:00 AM 27-May-2022 09:00 AM 28-May-2022 09:00 AM [Supply of Raw Materials for CFP PTKD and CFP MPZA] [KCMMF/PUR/RM/2022 dated 20.05.2022][2022_KCMMF_490931_1] Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd||KCMMF Ltd Head Office, Pattom, Trivandrum||Purchase
2. 18-May-2022 10:30 AM 27-May-2022 09:00 AM 31-May-2022 03:00 PM [Elambra Anganawadi toilet construction] [AE/LSGD/TKD/1/2022-23][2022_LSGD_490653_1] Local Self Government Department||Malappuram||Grama Panchayath Section Office Malappuram||Office of the AE Thrikkalangod Grama Panchayath
3. 19-May-2022 12:20 PM 27-May-2022 10:00 AM 28-May-2022 10:00 AM [A4-1200/SEC/KDRY/2022-23] [a4-1200/SEC/KDRY/2022-23][2022_DP_488729_1] Directorate of Panchayat||Deputy Director of Panchayat Thrissur||Kandanassery Grama Panchayath
4. 26-May-2022 05:00 PM 27-May-2022 10:30 AM 27-May-2022 10:30 AM [SALE OF CENEX] [27052022][2022_PCKL_492118_1] Plantation Corporation of Kerala Ltd||Sales
5. 20-May-2022 03:00 PM 27-May-2022 10:30 AM 30-May-2022 10:30 AM [GENERAL-Pre Monsoon Work 2022-23- Zone 7-Construction of damaged cover Slabs, Maintenance of damaged parapet and blind spot removal in accident prone areas for various roads under Kottarakkara Section.] [21/ET/AEEKTR/2022-23 ][2022_PWD_491071_1] PWD||Chief Engineer (Roads and Bridges)||SE Roads (S)||EE Roads (KLM)||AEE Roads SD Kottarakkara
6. 13-May-2022 10:45 AM 27-May-2022 10:45 AM 28-May-2022 10:55 AM [Hiring of Air Conditioned Vehicles ] [DPMSU/1734/2021/TVPM][2022_DHS_490002_1] Directorate of Health Services||National Health Mission Kerala||National Health Mission Trivandrum
7. 17-May-2022 01:30 PM 27-May-2022 11:00 AM 28-May-2022 11:30 AM [Traco- tender for supply of Aluminium alloy conductor of size 50 sq mm for LT ABC for Thiruvalla and Irimpanam] [P/XLPE-AAAC/ dated 16.05.2022][2022_TRACO_490469_1] Traco Cable Company Ltd||Purchase||Factory
8. 19-May-2022 05:00 PM 27-May-2022 11:00 AM 27-May-2022 03:00 PM [SALE OF FILED LATEX FROM KASARAGOD ESTATE] [PCK/SAL/F/101/724 ][2022_PCKL_490975_1] Plantation Corporation of Kerala Ltd||Sales
9. 19-May-2022 03:00 PM 27-May-2022 11:00 AM 30-May-2022 11:00 AM [PJ NO 128 22 Compound wall Contruction for various Anganvadies in Panachikkad Gramapanchayath under Annual Plan 2021 2022] [02/2022/AE/LIDEW/PKD][2022_LSGD_490899_1] Local Self Government Department||Kottayam||Grama Panchayath Section Office KTYM||Office of the AE Panachikkadu Grama Panchayath
10. 19-May-2022 04:30 PM 27-May-2022 11:00 AM 31-May-2022 11:00 AM [DEPOSIT Urgent Renovation of Cashew Farm office,Kottarakarawork Composite] [01/ET/AEEBLKTR/2022-23][2022_PWD_490950_1] PWD||Chief Engineer (Buildings)||SE Bldgs (S)||EE Bldgs (KLM)||AEE Bldgs Subdivision Kottarakkara
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